Regeneration + Beautification

Place-making Through Mural Art Starts Here

The most successful projects are the result of thorough planning.
Our projects begin much the same way as commissioning an architect to design, create, and build a project from concept to finish.

  1. The process begins with a consultation and site visit, with communication of stated goals and intentions, with a high level of certainty that the project is viable.
  2. A commitment to support the artist’s visualization and conceptualization process means a preliminary contract is created to initiate commitment of design and drawing time by the studio.
  3. A strategy for achieving an ideal timeline for funding, permits, safety plan, and project creation schedule is created.
  4. A concept design is finalized and approved.
  5. The strategy for the project is implemented professionally, with experienced project management to ensure the highest quality of art creation is achieved safely and on time.