We Realize Creative Expertise

From Art Studio Concept to Mural Project Site

As a project begins, creativity surges to it’s highest potential, unlimited. As the project proceeds, the limitations and obstacles are overcome through experience, ingenuity, and the pursuit of excellence. The creative process evolves:

  1. Once the design is finalized, the real process begins by identifying best practices and methods to realize the final mural art work.
  2. Research and job site investigations begin to identify ideal materials and application methods, as well as potential obstacles to the art work’s longevity.
  3. An artist’s team of assistants and project management define a working plan to ensure job site safety and scheduling. Job site safety is paramount.
  4. A professional design process ensures that the approved sketch is scaled to the surface to maintain consistency and adherence to the visualization process.
  5. Trained, professional artists committed to the highest quality of art work creation labor to ensure that the art project is completed in a timely and safe manner.
  6. Once the mural art is completed, care is taken to ensure it’s longevity in a public place. If necessary, an art maintenance plan is created.